🅿 08.28.2030_STILL_LOVE_ME


CHRIS Though the division is fairly new, Uh, we're still...
BURT Yeah.
CHRIS This month is pacing far behind last month, and if we want to see the LRMs take off, we're going to need to do something to shift these numbers. If you go to page four of the summary, we've got the report that we've headed out to the marketing division.
BURT One, two, three... four
CHRIS This is kind of our new branding idea for the little rubber men.
COREY (heavy breathing)
BURT This looks cool! This looks cool.
CHRIS Yeah, you like what you're seeing, Burt?
BURT I like what I'm seeing!
CHRIS We thought we'd focus on-- sort of the colors and the diversity of sizes.
BURT Well, now not too much of a diverse range in sizes, right?
BURT You still want it to be L or 'little' rubber men.
CHRIS Yes, no, the... They're all little. Actually, Corey, since you've been primarily supervising
COREY They're all little.
CHRIS kind of the manufacturing part of the operation how does this all look to you? You've been kind of quiet this whole time.
COREY Yeah, yeah, good. [clears throat]
CHRIS Looks good?
CHRIS Do you think that that's something our teams are going to be able to...
COREY I think it is fine.
CHRIS Well, do you think our teams will be able to handle producing them at different sizes,
COREY It's f- yeah, yes.
CHRIS like adjusting the machines?
COREY Yeah, as long as they're all little. Because they're not gonna be big. big little rubber men. It's a...
CHRIS Corey. Is everything alright?
COREY Yeah? Yes.
CHRIS I noticed you, you...
COREY I said, I said yes.
CHRIS Yeah, it's just...
CHRIS Just checking in. You've been kind of quiet
CHRIS giving one word answers and like are you just tired today or something something going on?
COREY OK, OK. I don't know.
CHRIS You don't know?
COREY What else? What else is uh... What is it? What else is it?
CHRIS uh well the um The next page of the report is
COREY It's just... before... before this...
CHRIS Yes, Corey?
COREY You seemed a little- like you were a little mad.
CHRIS A little- mad??
BURT Who, Chris or me, Corey?
COREY (sighs) Just no- just- Let's just keep going with the little rubber men.
CHRIS No, Corey, if there's something that's going on do we need to bring this to HR or is this something we can-
COREY I don't know, do we need to bring it to HR?
CHRIS Well, that depends on-
COREY P-Chris?
CHRIS What's been going on? I've not been upset with you. I've actually been rather pleased with your performance after we had that talk about the... phone usage
BURT And just so you know, Corey, I am going to be putting this in the notes, just in case.
COREY 'Put it in the notes'. Yeah, put it in the notes.
BURT Okay, and I'll write under your breath... "mocked me"...under notes.
CHRIS Okay now Burt, there's no need, okay, so what's going on, Corey?
COREY (sniffles)
BURT Hey, Corey y-
COREY D- I was saying something!
BURT Oh, sorry
CHRIS Bert, it's-- We don't have to take this down.
BURT Okay. All right. Off the record, Corey.
COREY No, you can- no, write it down! Burt!
BURT Okay?
COREY You can write it down!
CHRIS Okay, Burt.
COREY 'Cause I- 'Cause I said at the beginning... Forget I said- forget I said anything about it.
CHRIS No, Corey.
COREY Forget it! No!
CHRIS Corey, no, we're gonna...
COREY No, forget I said anything about it. I just want to go back to the meeting.
BURT Well now Corey, I'm having trouble knowing... what you said anything about in the first place.
COREY Whatever I said anything about
BURT We don't really know why you're mad.
COREY because you never listen
CHRIS Yeah, and.
COREY to what I said about it in the first place.
CHRIS Corey.
BURT Yeah.
CHRIS I think we've kind of gone beyond the point of letting this sort of sleep.
COREY No, no, we're done.
CHRIS So if we could just...
COREY Let's talk about the little rubber men. and the various- the variable sizes. So the biggest, the biggest one is going to be... What was the biggest one, four feet or something?
BURT No, it's...
CHRIS 28 millimeters, is the largest size.
BURT Yeah. 4 feet is a little bit too big. I think that kind of falls out of the "little" category, Corey.
CHRIS Yeah, suddenly we'll be looking at... Medium Rubber Men.
BURT Yeah, or I think what you would refer to them earlier as, Chris, is little medium family rubber men.
CHRIS Yeah, because they're family sized.
BURT Yeah.
COREY Family.
CHRIS No, but we're not doing- don't write that down Corey, We're not doing that one. The largest size we're running for the extended-
COREY Okay, okay scratch-
CHRIS 28...
COREY scratch family...
CHRIS millimeters...
BURT Well, that's why we asked you to write in pencil, Corey, just so you can erase it. But you can scratch it out and I think that's okay.
COREY 'Just write pencil, not pen,
CHRIS Okay, Cory, I think we should maybe
COREY pencil is not permanent.'
CHRIS call this meeting to a close. Cory, if you want to see me in my office later we can have a discussion.
COREY Do you even- do you still love me?
CHRIS about-
COREY Anymore?
CHRIS Corey...
COREY Do you even love me anymore?
BURT Well, I think... You know, Corey, everyone at Wexton, we all kind of we all love each other. You know, it's like a...
CHRIS We're a family here at Wexton Industries. I've always said that. And what's the number one thing families do? That's a question for you, Burt. Pop quiz.
BURT Oh! Uh... families... get along.
CHRIS That's right, Corey.
COREY But, you made me scribble out family. And if I did it in pencil, I would have erased it and it wouldn't even be gone. And you wouldn't see the proof It was even there in the first place. I'm gonna throw up.