SPY 1 It really is a lovely party that you've pulled together.
EDWORTH Thanks a lot, you two. Thank you very much.
SPY 1 Yeah
SPY 2 Yeah, of course!
EDWORTH Thank you very much. We have one of these a year and... We really kind of don't spare any expense. It's nice to have them.
SPY 1 Yeah.
EDWORTH It's nice to have everyone here, everyone inside the home and on the estate, it's great.
SPY 1 Yeah.
SPY 2 Hey, and after three years of friendship...
SPY 2 We are happy to be here.
EDWORTH Cheers. Yeah, thank you so much.
SPY 2 Cheers to you.
SPY 1 Yeah.
EDWORTH Thanks, and it's been very nice to meet you.
SPY 1 Yeah, it's been really nice for all of us to get to know each other and get to meet each other.
EDWORTH Yeah, yeah, it's great!
SPY 2 Yeah.
SPY 1 I think. Yeah.
EDWORTH Well, I mean, you know, I've known Greg for three years. It's just nice to meet you. It's nice to meet you for the first time finally.
SPY 1 Yeah.
EDWORTH I haven't heard a lot about you, so it's nice that you're here.
SPY 1 Thanks. Yeah.
EDWORTH I'm going to go...
SPY 2 He's a little shy. Sorry.
EDWORTH That's okay, that's okay.
SPY 1 Sorry, no, it's not-
SPY 2 Yeah.
SPY 1 I'm not shy it's fine
SPY 2 Hey, you know, if you're going, would you grab me another one of these?
SPY 2 Thank you so much.
EDWORTH How about you? Would you like another one of these?
SPY 1 Oh me? Oh sorry
SPY 1 I didn't realize I was included. Yeah, I'll take one.
EDWORTH All right, great, I'll be back with three.
SPY 2 Thanks!
EDWORTH Make yourselves at home! Go grab some of the canapes!
SPY 1 Yes Yes
SPY 2 Oh, you know what? I will.
SPY 1 Oh yeah, grab some of the canapes. Yeah.
SPY 2 What are you doing?
SPY 1 What was that?
SPY 2 What was what?
SPY 1 Well, you're obviously flirting with him.
SPY 2 What are you talking about?
SPY 1 Oh, what, like I'm stupid? Like I couldn't see the chemistry between you two?
SPY 2 We are here to kill that guy.
SPY 1 What are you- yeah!
SPY 2 This has been a three year in the works plan!
SPY 1 That's what I'm saying!
SPY 2 To sneak into this guy's house, poison his drink, empty his bank account-
SPY 1 Quiet down. Keep that low!
SPY 2 Well, what are you doing?!
SPY 1 I'm saying that we can't kill him if you're besties all of a sudden. Good luck killing your bestie.
SPY 2 Talking about 'besties all of a sudden', That's the whole point of it! I was supposed to get close and you're supposed to go in and put the poison in his drink!
SPY 1 You've never been good at separating work from pleasure, okay? And I can tell that there's like a spark between you two and it makes me uncomfortable.
SPY 2 You literally have never seen me outside of work.
EDWORTH Make way for drinks!
SPY 2 I don't- Hey!
SPY 1 Hey!
EDWORTH Make way for drinks!
SPY 2 Edwith, thank you so much.
EDWORTH Here we go!
SPY 1 Ed Worth. Edworth.
EDWORTH Yes, Edworth.
SPY 1 Thank you. Thank you.
EDWORTH Thank you so much.
SPY 2 Where- So where did you get this champagne from?
EDWORTH France. Well, I mean
SPY 2 Right!
EDWORTH It has to be it has to be from France if it's champagne.
SPY 1 Oh, like anywhere in France?
EDWORTH Well, in the Champagne region of France, yeah.
SPY 1 Is that like, uh...
SPY 2 It's a pretty small region...
SPY 1 [CLEARS THROAT] Is that like...
SPY 2 I was asking if there was like a specific vineyard.
SPY 1 Is that? Oh, okay. Yeah, what a good question.
EDWORTH No, well, my wife and I were in France-
SPY 1 Oh, you're married!
EDWORTH Yes! Yeah. Yep.
SPY 1 Oh, so you're taken?
SPY 2 What?
SPY 1 Spoken for!
EDWORTH Well, yeah, sure,
SPY 1 Yeah.
EDWORTH Been off the market for 27 years!
SPY 1 Yeah, probably someone who's really wealthy, right?
SPY 2 Wow.
EDWORTH Well, I mean, you know, we both went to the same school, we met and so well, now we are and-
SPY 1 Yeah, so it's a It's a real true love story between you and your wife. It's like a complete unit. [sniff]
EDWORTH Yeah, I would say we're a complete unit. Yeah, 27 years next month!
SPY 1 Wow, I hope someday I can know what that's like.
EDWORTH Well, I'm sure you can. I'm sure you will. I'm gonna- I'm gonna go grab her.
SPY 1 Oh sure yeah I'd love love love love to meet her.
SPY 2 Yeah, we would love to see- I'd love to see Elise again.
SPY 1 Yeah!
SPY 1 Yeah.
EDWORTH Okay, yep,
SPY 1 Oh 'see Elise' again.
EDWORTH Cheers again, okay. See you in a minute.
SPY 1 Homewrecker.
SPY 2 I swear to God.
SPY 1 Oh you'll break apart a loving family?
SPY 2 We are here to kill him.