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Media Kit

The full rundown on PodCube™. Pitch deck & media assets available for download at the bottom.

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Audio from Any Time or Place in Space or Time or Place™ 
🔸The Future, is Yesterday™🔸
PodCube™ Audio from Any Time or Place in Space or Time or Place™ 🔸The Future, is Yesterday™🔸


What is PodCube™?

  • If you could be a fly on the wall in any time or place, what would you hear? PodCube captures the chaotic energy of the Interdimensional Cable segments from Rick and Morty; grounds it in satirical surrealism reminiscent of legendary British sketch comedy like Monty Python; and sets the scene in an expansive narrative universe like Doctor Who or Homestar Runner.
  • PodCube is a non-explicit, highly-produced, semi-improvised, surrealist sketch comedy anthology podcast, premised on a recording device that can capture anything in space and time. The humor of the show is akin to a ‘multiverse workplace comedy’, focusing on the absurdity of small moment interactions between people across time and space.
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What’s the Story (briefly)?

  • PodCube™ is a company that creates and sells PodCubes – futuristic recording gadgets that can be delivered to any time or place in the universe. The podcast is a curated collection of ‘interesting’ recordings picked up by these PodCube devices.
  • The PodCube Research & Innovation Campus is their headquarters. Nestled atop a man-made island off the coast of Miami FL and powered by proprietary Alligator-Momentum-Generators™, the P.R.I.C is home to an eccentric array of staff, departmental tension, technology, absurdity, and mystique.
  • And More… The PodCube universe contains dozens of recurring companies, characters, and brands that interact and interweave in fun ways across stories.

Who is PodCube For?

  • People looking for the audio equivalent of a cartoon sitcom, fans of sketch comedy, enjoyers of high-effort dumb jokes and lighthearted satire.
  • Adults, but also all ages! PodCube’s content is non-explicit and PG13 at most, but similar to ‘Saturday morning cartoons’ - adults may catch certain references that are not too overtly explored.
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What Makes PodCube Special?

  • It expands beyond the boundaries of podcasting and into other forms of media. PodCube has partnered with Authocracy Studios in Reading, UK to begin working on storyboards/animatics in hopes of developing an animated series, and is currently developing a video game as well.
  • The humor and tone is uniquely original. PodCube's blend of the surreal and the ordinary elevates otherwise banal situations, allowing for bizarre absurdism and slice-of-life comedy to exist side-by-side, with a garnish of satire and commentary.
  • The non-linear storytelling slowly builds an interconnected universe to explore. Individual transmissions are entertaining as standalone pieces of content, but return viewers are rewarded with recurring motifs and characters that weave an expansive, consistent narrative world.
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PodCube™ is just as odd as it seems and the kind of alien experience you might be looking for if you have a taste for a weird workplace comedy. PodCube™ seems to be a semi-improvisation project though it might be the actors’ natural comedic flow with each other that’s got me recalling the Interdimensional Cable segments from Rick and Morty. Despite its inherent weirdness, PodCube™ is a weirdly grounded look into the chaos of mainstream marketing and working under capitalistic restrictions. Between fake movie trailers and awkward press conferences, PodCube™ never once tries to explain itself. You should have been listening to this yesterday. - PodCake


In 2022, PodCube was a winner of the PodCa$h giveaway, a collaboration between Racket and Stir in which podcasts were judged by a panel and winners awarded a piece of their $100k prize pot.
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Contact Information

PodCube LLC
Mason Amadeus (he/him)
Jordan Reed (he/him)
Tucker Bettez (he/him)
+1 (603) 265-2928