These are ways in which you can engage with PodCube™!

PodCube™ may be the universal leader in time-agnostic podcasting, but in detectUser().currentYear we need some additional help spreading the word and raising awareness about our product.
On this page are several ways in which you can assist us in our goals, and most of them do not cost you any human Earth money!

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Join PodCube Premium 360+

Participate in the Consumer Rapid Analysis Platform
Here at PodCube, we’re always interested in what you think.
If you have a spare 300 seconds, we would love for you to take a brief survey about you, your media consumption habits, and your direct feedback about PodCube products and services.
None of the information collected is personally identifiable to you, and the survey does not collect your email address.
*among PodCube™ Staff

On Social Media

Tweet about PodCube
Utilizing the latest in time-agnostic client-side automation, we’ve created a link that will generate a tweet from your account.
The pre-composed tweet will earnestly and sincerely recommend PodCube in a human manner!
Help us spread the word by clicking this button, or by writing your own tweet and tagging @PodCube.

Talk about PodCube on Reddit
This button will take you to one of several pre-selected subreddits in which we’d love for you to talk about PodCube!
Please make sure to follow any rules of the subreddit you are assigned to.
If you want to tag us, we are at u/PodCube

Follow PodCube_HQ on Twitch
We record every other Wednesday, at 8:30 EST - and stream it live on Twitch.
During these recording sessions, you can participate with us by suggesting lines, names, ideas, etc. It’s a chance for your ideas to make it into the PodCube™ universe.
Follow us on Twitch and turn on notifications to join in!

For Content Creators

Run a PodCube Audio Promo
Help support and spread the word about PodCube by playing our <60s audio promotion!
The most current audio advertisement can be downloaded by clicking the button.
If you do play a promo for PodCube™, reach out and let us know on Twitter or via Email

Feed-Drop a Whole Transmission
If you’re on hiatus, skipping a release, or just want to - why not drop an entire transmission of PodCube™ into your podcast feed?
This button will take you to a Google Drive folder containing some of our favorite transmissions in MP3 format.
If you do feed-drop PodCube™, we really want to know! Reach out on Twitter or via Email.

Our Supporters

If you donate to PodCube™, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll have a career with us in the Future™

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Perry Carpenter
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